Luggage GPS Tracker AT15

Model No: AT15

AT15 is a sleek light-weighted tracking device for your luggage. This luggage locator helps you to trace the real-time location of your belongings through our mobile app and web platform service. This GPS bag tracker is ideal for all sorts of luggage and personal baggage. To provide exact location of your baggage it uses multi-mode positioning (GPS/LBS/AGPS/WIFI). Get complete luggage tracker ODM/OEM/JDM services so that our clients can have their own tracking device.

Our luggage tracking device comes with ultra-long standby battery which is ideal for long term deployment. To know more about our GPS luggage tracker dealership & partnership policies connect with us:

Rechargeable Long Standby Tracker AT15


  • Multi Mode Positioning
    Multi mode positioning
    The tracking system allows you to locate your luggage via GPS/LBS/AGPS/WiFi multi-mode positioning.
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    Real-time location management
    Monitor and record your luggage location on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
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    Ultra long standby battery
    This luggage tracker comes with ultra-long standby battery to ensure long term deployment.
logistics tracking system
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    APN self-adaption configuration
    For outstanding network coverage it provides self-adaption configuration.
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    Illegal removal alarm
    Get notified when your tracking device is illegally removed from your luggage.
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    Automatic remote upgrade
    Supports automatic upgrade so that our clients need to go through tough manual updating.


Frequency band


Storage Temp

-40℃ ~ +85℃

Operating Temp

-20℃ ~ +70℃

Operating Humidity

20% ~ 80% RH

Operating Current


Standby Current


Main chip



Class 12, T CP/IP

GPS Sensitivity


TTFF(Open Sky)

Cold start:<35s, Hot start:<3s

AGPS(Open Sky)







6000mAh/12000Ah 3.7V

Product Features

Quick multimode positioning
With quick multimode positioning (GPS+LBS+AGPS+WIFI) you get the quick and exact location of your luggage.

3D G-sensor
With the help of 3D G-sensor feature get the real-time location of your luggage even if it is placed deep inside your baggage.

For the safety of your luggage, create a safe zone and get an instant notification if your luggage exits the area without your consent.

Automatic Fault Recovery
Our Luggage Tracker Technology comes with automatic fault recovery to resolve all sorts of bugs and issues related to the device.

Remote configuration
This device supports remote configuration, thus you do not have to go through the manual app updating program.

ThinkRace Technology is the leading luggage tracker manufacturer, wholesaler & supplier that provide a stress-free journey. With luggage tracker AT15 get the accurate location of your lost luggage. Unlike other tracking device, AT15 Luggage Tracker design allows direct operating system or mobile device access by our customized mobile application or web application based platform.

Enjoy stress-free journey across the world

With our luggage locator get global safety for your luggage.
Whether it is national trip or international trip our global
coverage gives you the peace of mind. We have designed our
tracking system in such a way that it provides complete safety
and security to your luggage, baggage or handbags in your absence.

Illegal removal alarm provides complete luggage safety

Apart from real-time tracking, you even get a security alarm
feature for your tracking device. This illegal removal alarm
feature sends you an instantly alert notification on your mobile
device if your GPS tracking device is removed from your luggage.
This feature helps you to enjoy your trip stress free.

To get more information about Luggage GPS Tracker AT15 dealership & partnership policies and for placing bulk order inquiries, please contact.