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ThinkRace Technology is the leading OBD Tracker manufacturer that gives you a great experience of live tracking your vehicles movement. OBD tracker is a small live GPS tracking device that snaps into the OBD port of your car. No tools or wiring required, just plug the tracker in and you are ready to track your car. Our OBD tracker technology gives you the live turn-by-turn movement, maintenance alert, monitors driving behavior and creates logs and reports on the fly with Fleet Tracking’s web-based tracking system.

Our OBD tracker is compatible with 95% of cars and is used by Car Rental Companies, Taxi Services, Vehicle Insurance, Automobile and Fleet Management business. We provide complete OBD tracker ODM/OEM/JDM services, customize app & application development and technical support service. We are the right partner for your car tracking solution. With the help of our OBD tracking device you can have the clear picture of your vehicle location, driving habit, hard braking, over speeding, rapid acceleration etc. We are the leading OBD2 GPS tracking device wholesaler and we provide customizing solution to our clients/partners.

A smart Tracking Device for smarter Car

Our OBD (on-board diagnostics) or GPS tracking devices are used by automobile industries to keep the track of their cars. This tracking device features – simple plug and play device, access live location of your car, low cost operation, and compatible with almost every car. Transform your car into a smart car by plugging OBD GPS car tracking device into it.


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OBD Tracker Product Range

ThinkRace Technology offers wide range of OBD tracking devices and provide customized product to our clients/partners as per their business needs. Feel free to contact us, in case your company is interested in dealing with us.

Easy to install, Plug & Play Device

This OBD tracking device is capable of reading vehicle information by interpreting complex information from vehicle ECU (Engine Control Unit) into a readable format. Monitor your engine fault codes, real-time stats, vehicle speed, vehicle identification and engine RPM.
Now no more cutting wires as this OBD 2 GPS tracking device comes with easy installation just plug and play the device in your car and it is ready to track its movement. With our customized App and Application service you can easily view the live tracking and telematics data on your mobile app.


GPS location

With the help of multi-mode positioning you get the accurate location of your car. This is a SIM based device which is used to send information to the server via GSM network. Remotely monitor your car location through our customized app service. GPS tracking has made tracking your moving vehicle easier.

Mileage analysis and report

This tracking device stores original data from ECU(Engine Control Unit), thus you get 99.9 % accuracy rate. We offer a user-friendly interface so that user can read the mileage analysis through our tracking mobile app AmberOBD and web platform Get complete mileage report like total mileage, high-speed, middle-speed, low-speed mileage, over-speed mileage along with the corresponding time and percent.

Fuel consumption monitor analysis

Just like mileage report you can easily monitor total fuel consumption in over-speed, middle-speed, high-speed, low-speed and idle speed fuel consumption along with their percentage of accuracy of 99.5. This is a very useful feature for fleet managers as it helps in cost management.

Driving behavior analysis

Get the complete driving behavior report based on hard deceleration, over speed driving, hard acceleration, sharp turn, urgent lanes change, hard refuel, hard breaking, fatigue driving etc. Big data technology helps to store data after the end of every trip for further references like Usage Base Insurance (UBI).

Vehicle health detect

We provide a pre- diagnostic tool that detect faults in your vehicle like emission system detects, power charging system detect, engine system detect, cooling system detect, idle system detect, throttle system detect, error code read and error code clean. This feature helps you to resolve your car problems and improve your cars life and performance.

OTA upgrade support

For updating a software and firmware you need to be a technical person but ThinkRace Technology, serves OTA upgrade support to improve our clients vehicle data and minimize the vehicle maintenance. We have provide end-to-end OTA solutions to our clients who are fleet management companies, small OBD tracker dealers, insurance companies, telecom companies & others businesses.

Trip report

Get the detailed report about your trip like average fuel consumption, daily, weekly and monthly mileage, driving behavior, total fuel consumption etc. This trip report is very helpful in cost savings and economic efficiency. With the help of this report fleet management companies, UBI business & other business can easily manage their business and can maximize the profit.

Power saving and SIM data saving

Our OBD car GPS tracking device is equipped with efficient, power saving & SIM data management feature. With its ultra-long standby battery tracking your vehicle all day long has been easier. For data uploading, it just need few minutes and makes the history route readable in every 30 seconds.

Multiple Alarms

Along with live tracking, mileage, trip report this tracking device is integrated with multiple alarms like long time idling alarm, driving behavior alarm, illegal removal alarm, towing alarm, vibration alarm, engine failure alarm, charging circuit abnormal alarm etc. We are ready to customize this feature as per our clients requirement.

Software support service

We have more than 100 engineers who provide 24*7 immersive client support and service. With the help of our operation and maintenance service our clients need not to worry about any sort of technical issues including database, API, server, gateway, web tracking platform, iOS and Android Apps.

Our Clients of OBD Car tracker

Having partners from across the globe, we at ThinkRace provide OBD tracking ODM/OEM/JDM services to our clients/partners. With an aim to provide safety solution for the family, we share the same vision with our partner. Get in touch with us to be one of our partners!

To get more information about OBD Tracker Products dealership & partnership policies and for placing bulk order inquiries, please contact.

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