GPS Vehicle Tracker VT33

Model No: VT33

VT33 is the new high-end vehicle location tracker with market-proven quality and precise positioning. Along with real-time tracking it supports other useful features like geo-fencing, engine immobilizer, SOS button, remote cut off, mileage stats, history logs etc. This vehicle GPS tracking device can be used in any sort of vehicles like taxies, cars and buses. We support 24/7 real-time tracking solution.

This is the best GPS vehicle tracking device that even helps you in monitoring your vehicles performance. To know more about our vehicle GPS tracking system dealership & partnership policies contact us:

GPS vehicle Tracker VT33


  • Multi Mode Positioning
    Over-speed alarm

    Get alerted when your vehicle goes over-speeding.

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    Real-time tracking

    With the help of multi-mode positioning you get the exact location of your vehicle.

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    Remote cut off

    Our tracking system even supports remote cut off for power and fuel consumption.

GPS vehicle Tracker VT33
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    Smart sleep mode

    With smart sleep mode track your vehicle when required.

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    Mileage statistics

    Get all the report related to your vehicles mileage on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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    Support Android and iOS

    Our GPS vehicle tracking device is compatible with both Android and iOS device.


Frequency band



Class 12, TCP/IP

GPS Chipset

MTK high sensitivity chip

GPS Channel


Location Accuracy

<10 meters

Working Voltage


Working Current

28.6 mA; Sleep mode: 5.3 mAh


32 MB

Operating Temperature



110 mAh/3.7V Li-polymer battery

Working Time

1 hours


66*39*17.2 mm



Device Weight

37 g

real time tracking of vehicle

Product Features

Ignition On/Off Alerts
Get an instant message on your vehicles’ ignition on / off directly on your mobile phone.

Engine Immobilizer
This security features helps you to remotely prevent your vehicle from running.

Geo-Fence Alert
Create a safe zone for your vehicle and get an instant message if it exits the area.

History Log
Directly view the past history of your vehicle trips on your mobile phone or operating system.

This GPS vehicle tracker is compatible with both Android and iOS platform.

To provide complete protection to your vehicle ThinkRace Technology manufactured VT33 – a live tracking solution for all sort of vehicles. By utilizing multi-mode positioning it provides you the accurate location of your vehicle. This is the best vehicle GPS tracking system for commercial as well as personal use.

Track live geo-location of your vehicle

Get the real-time location of your vehicle directly on your mobile device.
With the help of our vehicle locator device, tracking has been made easier.
Get the complete tracking history of your vehicle on daily, weekly or
monthly basis. Our customized App and Application service has made tracking
your vehicle remotely easy.

Automatic updating support

Now, no more manual updating, with the help of cloud computing
you can access your vehicles live location wirelessly on your
mobile phone. Along with that any sort of software or app update
is done through our server. Thus, your tracking system will get
updated directly through our cloud server.

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