Why elderly locator device is essential for Alzheimer’s patients?


Technology has certainly come a long way and it has made life tranquil for everybody. From transportation to the Internet, technology can be seen all around, and it is creating people safe and secure. Now you can add the GPS tracking smart watches to the technology mix that is designed to make lives safer for the vulnerable members of families.

Everyone values their own flexibility. Indeed, even your seniors will at one time need to circle without your attentive gaze floating over them continuously. The elderly need to feel that they are as yet autonomous, and will try really hard to practice this flexibility. With alert watch for elderly, you can give the elderly their own break, and still keep an eye over their whereabouts and health.

How do GPS tracking watches work?

These tracking gadgets have GPS following ability among different highlights. They are light and sturdy. Here is a portion of the main highlights of these smart watches for elderly.

  • They show location data on a map
  • SOS button in case of an emergency
  • They are splash proof with IP65
  • Two-way communication
  • Sedentary and medication reminder

Should an emergency arise, the wearer can touch a button to send an SOS alert at numbers programmed into the account that has added the watch to their app and application. These comprise you as the parent, other family members and even friends.

Who are they designed for?

Elderly locator devices are designed for the elderly living in old-age homes, nursing homes and health care centers. Comfortable to wear with attractive designs and colors! An ideal companion to provide safety and security to seniors completely!

How to track the live location?

The guardian can track the real-time location of the wearer via customized app and application that we provide. After sync the GPS smart watch with your smartphone or desktop, track location and monitor their health. You can further save the data in our cloud server.

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